all-embracing sky

under your protective dome

seas breath, mountains rise.



there on an empty

lot on a lone brown hilltop—

tall, tall sunflowers.




the dew on the grass

bathed in silvery moonlight—

shining crystal spheres.



“At times an immense joy has overwhelmed me”— From Chapter 5: Intimations of the Meaning in The Message of Silo

At times, there were vivid moments that stood out starkly against the monotonous surface of things as I went about the day-to-day chores of living.

They would burst upon me, catching me by surprise, richly colored and highly charged with some emotion or fleeting thought.

Words to capture those moments bubbled up and I scribbled them down on a small notebook I always carried around.

Many of them came out entirely as haikus.

I began to look forward to those moments, wondering when and where they would arise.

Looking back, I realize that those moments, crystallized in the form of short three-line poems, were moments when I was standing in the presence of Meaning


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sky: 12019


dew: Henryphoto