Representatives of the opposition bench in the Peruvian Congress have openly called for the impeachment of the President of Peru, José Pedro Castillo Terrones, on the grounds that he is permanently morally unfit to govern and is causing political instability in the country.

In the article “Political instability and presidentialism in Peru”, I state: “The Peruvian Council of State, formed by the Judicial Power, the Comptroller of the Republic, the Ombudsman’s Office and the Attorney General’s Office, asked the leftist president, Pedro Castillo, by means of an official letter for an urgent meeting due to the ‘growing political instability that has been affecting the smooth running of the Public Administration and the full exercise of Human Rights'”.

The issue of impeachment was raised by the leader of the political organisation Renovación Popular (RP), Rafael López Aliaga, and gained momentum when the third vice-president of Congress, Patricia Chirinos, presented a motion of vacancy calling for the removal of the president, who took office on 28 July, for “moral incapacity”.

Chirinos’ proposal, from the Avanza País party, which is led by economist Hernando de Soto, called on other public officials to “show their loyalty to the people” and support her procedure, which needed 26 signatures to be formally presented.

“Let us not seek fleeting applause or a salary at the end of the month, or talk of a governability that does not exist with a president incapable of distinguishing between right and wrong, between the legal and the immoral,” he said before calling for his request to be given priority.

On Thursday, 25 November, the opposition bench of the Congress of the Republic formalised the request for the dismissal of José Pedro Castillo Terrones, for “his permanent moral or physical incapacity” according to article 113° of the Political Constitution of Peru. This provision of the Constitution is also interpreted as a lack of ethics.

The vacancy motion promoted by the third vice-president of Congress, Patricia Chirinos, obtained the necessary signatures to be submitted to the full Congress of the Republic and will have to be voted on to see if it is admitted or rejected.

The motion document was submitted to the congressional table at 11:38 a.m. on Thursday (25 Nov. 2021), after 28 signatures were obtained from members of the Avanza País, Renovación Popular and Fuerza Popular parliamentary groups, among others. The motion must be debated in the Plenary of Congress, where 52 votes are required for it to be admitted.

The motion of vacancy to remove the president of Peru, Pedro Castillo, presented to the Congress of the Republic by the opposition bench generated the rejection of the president and was described as an attempt at a coup d’état by his ministers.

Castillo accused the elites of destabilising the country and the political organisations promoting his impeachment in his short leftist government.

In this regard, it should be noted that the Public Prosecutor’s Office requested the Judicial Power (PJ) to impose the measure of appearance with restrictions for 16 people under investigation for the crime of criminal organisation in the framework of the judicial process for the case of “Los Dinámicos del Centro” (The Dynamics of the Centre).

According to the prosecutor’s thesis, Los Dinámicos del Centro was allegedly entrenched in the Regional Government of Junín, trafficking in driving licences to finance the activities of the ruling organisation Perú Libre (PL) and its leader, Vladimir Cerrón.

Meanwhile Rafael López, who participated in this year’s general presidential elections and has announced that in the 2022 Regional and Municipal Elections he will run for mayor of Lima, assured that there is a legal argument to remove the president from office and affirmed that in the elections that Castillo won over the right-wing candidate Keiko Fujimori, there was a “spectacular robbery”.

In the article “Election and fraud in Peru” I write: “We must point out that Arturo Cárdenas, investigated with the criminal organisation Los dinámicos del centro and trusted person of the convicted leader of Perú Libre, Vladimir Cerrón, announced the presidential candidacy of the ex-governor with the ruling organisation for the General Elections of 2026”.

We should also point out that in the article “Constitutional crisis and abuse of the law in Peru” I explain about politics: “And in the sixth proof of the writing ‘Open letter from Hernando de Soto to Pedro Castillo’ it is concluded that the thirty (30) goals of the government programme of Perú Libre and the four strategic processes that it needs for its implementation, ‘do not require leaving the framework of the current constitution'”.

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