Machi Francisca Linconao called on President Piñera after the death of two community members: “He should withdraw his carabineros and the military”. The conventional constituent criticised the state of emergency in the southern macrozone and called on the president to “resign tomorrow” if he does not decree the departure of the Armed Forces.

During the afternoon of Wednesday, the case of a person who died in the San Miguel sector, on the border between Cañete and Tirúa, due to a confrontation in which Carabineros and Navy personnel fired shots, was made public. Subsequently, another community member was reportedly killed and wounded. The events occurred in the midst of demonstrations by the Lov and communities in resistance in the Lavkenche strip in the province of Arauco.

The state of emergency has increased the tension in the southern macro-zone to such an extent that, according to information from the Mapuche communities in resistance in the Wallmapu, they are now preparing to confront the murder of the two weychafe that took place today in cold blood and are calling for a “massive self-defence uprising”.