Gray November

Image by darwisalwan from Pixabay.


by Erlie Lopez

“Gray November in My Soul”

it was, that literati’s folk house in Manila

dim and other-worldly

with cigarette smoke dancing

over heads huddled close

to hear each other’s pains

being drowned by guitar strings

and slurred by beer.

Why the memory should return

I wonder, now long disembodied

from that decade of angst

and muflled rage,

and some habitues are now

where all the flowers have gone.

I can only matter-of-factly

say, well it’s the month,

the dreary and gray November

of lyric poets forlorn.

Or maybe closer to home,

a virus has made many days now

blah, enclosed in walls

that yesterday’s free spirits

are languishing, aching

to break loose.

Memory, what a jewel you are

just by being there,

and more so when the candle

goes a-flickering in the night.

About the Poet:

Erlie Lopez is a Filipina retired from the frenetic world of Public Relations and Advertising in Metro Manila. She was, in the last 18 years, head of a PR agency she co-founded. In her independent and sedate world now, she mostly reads, writes, stays socially connected, soaks in Nature, and develops new interests and skills adapting to the pandemic mode of life. She has also returned to a first love – poetry – which keeps her heart open to the grace and rhythm of the universe.


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