From REHUNo Health we continue to share the series of notes entitled: Phytotherapy, knowledge and experiences. In this second installment, the author brings us the living testimony of his experiences under the title: “Health in our hands”, where he also delves into the internal attitudes and what he calls “lifestyle” that accompanied these personal healing processes of various ailments that affected him. We invite you to share his testimony…

By Horacio Mesón.

If I ask myself: Why Phytotherapy? It is very easy to answer, simply because it is the closest thing. What I had closest to me both by affinity and history as well as by real proximity. I have an orchard and a garden and aromatic plants are a speciality, as are Bonsai.

I am certain from my own experience of how effective they are, I believe in the healing power of plants and in this discipline, we are talking about. There are countless testimonies to tell.

I have been working on my digestive system, which has been impacted and intoxicated by medication and muscle relaxants for years, and I have healed. I have regulated my blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides. I have definitively cured chronic prostatitis.

Twenty years ago, they wanted to remove my gall bladder with biliary mud and stones, I still have it without stones and healthy. But the most difficult thing was to get out of a severe depression with panic attacks and to leave the advanced osteoarthritis I had. It definitely happened and I was healed.

From Phytotherapy I specialised in Mother Tinctures and Oils which I used in the different cases.

But there is a pre-condition for healing regardless of the Health Science or Discipline that is used.

It can be Naturopathy, Ayurvedic medicine, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, Bach Flowers, Shamanic, Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and many more. They all need a trigger and produce an effect.

To get out of any illness one needs to take one’s health into one’s own hands and this does not mean to stop consulting doctors. Or to stop getting tested at the necessary times to see how we are doing. Nor does it mean abandoning any treatment. Taking one’s health into one’s own hands means being aware of the situation one is in: how am I, what do I need and where am I going?

To get out of any illness you have to deepen a kind of Lifestyle. It is necessary to maintain a Permanent Intention over time. It is necessary to carry out simple and clear procedures. And I repeat… “you have to take your health into your own hands”.

Warm is the feeling of existing, soft is our look and firm is our intention. To humanise health and our body is also to humanise the Earth.

(Image by Horacio Mesón)

To heal you have to want to heal, you have to optimise everything around you. There are always options and more than one to heal. You have to search… consult… investigate, and above all learn to ask for help if necessary.

Healing the body forces us to heal the soul and to build the spirit in a conscious way, it is an integral view that must be made to grow.

Thinking, feeling and acting should not be divided because this generates contradiction, divides our forces and disintegrates us. The body, the psyche and our spirit should not be separated. This is the evolutionary path of our Being.

To take one’s health into one’s own hands is to take the destiny of one’s own life, the tinctures are an instrument but it is “One” who triggers the process.

There were discoveries made along the way and new doors left open for further research.

The understanding of illness as a phenomenon manifested by energetic and chemical disorders. Enthusiasm, permanence and emotional focus. The awakening of faith is simply that.

Faith and beating the disease and the system. Yes, so micro and so macro.

New habits had to be ritualised, recorded well. Repeated and routine rituals that do one good.

Moderating emotion, its tone. Paying particular attention to clear procedures and clean forms. Permanence in intention and purpose pulling hard always going.

And all this has been building a lifestyle in accordance with one’s own needs and aspirations.

To stop feeling like a sick-being is a strong liberation, but to dream again of the possibility of flying without limits is unique and extraordinary.

To be continued…

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