On June 16, 2021, the first one-year basic income of 800 euros by the UBI4ALL initiative was raffled.

The live online event was attended by 6,100 viewers from almost all European countries, such as Greece, Malta, Finland, the United Kingdom, Cyprus and even Canada. Throughout the event, viewers were commenting about the event, shared their enthusiasm for Unconditional Basic Income and finally congratulated the winner.

The live raffle used an app and the number 19077 was the lucky number. The winner was among the viewers, Lucie, a pharmacy student from France, who appeared at the event and said she was very excited and emotional at the same time. She told us that she has just finished her studies and that a Basic Income of 800 euros for one year will help her choose a career with less stress and less financial insecurity. You will learn more about her and the time she will spend having a Basic Income in the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned!

The organizers urge us to re-experience this soon and with the help of all of us to raffle a second basic income before the end of 2021, as the amount for the raffle is collected through crowdfunding.

Watch the event here.

Read more on the UBI4ALL blog.


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