“Removing” issues from view doesn’t make them nonexistent and…doesn’t solve problems.

Community Solidarity is more than a nonprofit; more than a grassroots movement; it’s a philosophy. A philosophy based on the belief that empowered compassionate communities can heal themselves and in doing so create the blueprint for greater social change. Essentially, they

They are an all-volunteer group that provides groceries, fresh produce, and warm vegan meals to low-income communities on Long Island and in Bedford Stuyvesant in Brooklyn. They have been operating in Hempstead for 15 years and in addition to completely vegetarian, mostly organic food distribution, they collect clothing, books, toiletries, and toys for redistribution as well. This reduces excess waste in food markets where they voluntarily collect good food donations weekly for their Food Shares each week for now 15 years. This also reduces the waste in landfills which environmentally has caused major problems.