She and I fly, intoxicated, high

Lifting me up from the mire

Urging me onwards

There where no words can capture

The rapture that erupts

When you leave the past behind


She and I soar, we fly.

Bold and loud, vibrant with life.

Arising from the sea to the skies, she alights.

On her wings, she carries bright dreams and hopes.


To the east, she hovers, she looks and lingers.

Over temples and mosques, over lambs and ewes,

Over languishing babes and festering plagues

Her tears rain down, a cleansing drenching of drops.


To the west, she glides and swoops, a rainbow arc

She brushes the steeple tops and awakens the bells

A joyous tolling rumbles through the plains

Echoes through the hills and cities….