Some 100 years ago, Clara Zetkin established the International Women's Day on March 8 (voted in 1910 by the women’s movement). During the International Year of Women in 1975, the UN celebrated the International Women’s Day, and since 1977 has designated March 8 th as the official Day for the Rights of Women and World Peace.

On this centenary, we, women from different corners of the world, demand actions not symbolic proclamations from world leaders.

We appeal to the UN Secretary General, OSCE Secretary General, NATO Secretary General, Council of Europe Secretary General and heads of multilateral organizations to address stakeholders and member states, in the spirit of the Women Peace and Security Agenda/WPS, to:

  • Recognize the women’s critical role in peace building, for risking their lives across the world’s conflict zones, in promoting and defending world peace and upholding democratic rule of law, and justice for all.
  • Release from prisons, women prisoners of war, human rights activists, and journalists whose only crime is upholding peace, justice for all, and democratic rule of law  by holding
    governments accountable.
  • Invest true efforts to enhance the implementation of UNSC Resolution 1325 to help secure women’s participation in all peace negotiations to ensure sustainable peace.

Perhaps only then, women of the world can truly begin to celebrate the International Women’s Day in its full meaning of empowerment.

Appeal initiated by Gulnara Shahinian, Democracy today Armenia, Heidi Meinzolt, WILPF international Board for Europe, Jackie Abramian, Journalist and signed by hundreds of women’s activists, peacebuilders, HR defenders and respective organisations

Democracy Today Team and its board:

Jackie Abramian/USA, Audrey Kalajian/USA, Heidi Meinzolt/Germany, Caroline Najarian/USA, Andrea Martin/USA, Gulnara Shahinian,Elmira Sargsyan, Anna Ishkhanyan, Viktoria Avakova, Hasmik Edilyan, Liana Torosyan, Lusine Torosyan/ Armenien

 Further signatures:

Mina Damnjanovic/Serbia, Muna Luqman/Yemen, Magda Zenon/Cyprus, Anki Wetterhall/Sweden, Gohar Markosyan/ Armenia, Nina Potarska/Ukraine, Diana Francis/UK, Andrea Marikovszky/Hungary, Annalisa Milani/Italy, Luisa del Turco/Italy, EkaHorstka/Armenia, Fadwah Khawaja/Palestine, Rose Mbone/Kenya, Helena Nyberg + WILPF CH, Jennifer Menninger/Germany, Dr.Hanan Awwad, Mrs.Nariman Far, Miss Dalia al-Far/all WILPF Palestine, Fadwah Khawaja/Palestine, Nadezda Azhgikhina, Beatrice Schulthess/Costa Rica, Tolekan Ismailova/Kirgisztan, Raqel Vestia/Portugal, Gorana Mlinarevic/Bosnia, Katie Economidou/Cyprus, Ida Harslov/WILPF Denmark, Shirin Jurdi/Lebanon, Eliko Bendeliani/ Georgia, Victoria Scheyer/Germany, Lesley Ann Foster, Anush Ghavalyan, Инна Айрапетян, Patrizia Sterpetti + WILPF Italy, Ite van Dijk + WILPF Netherlands; малика абубакарова, Annemarie Sancar/CH, Nadezda Azhgikhina/Russia- Women Journalist club, Анна Чернова, Lesley Abdela/UK, Liza Nissan Hido (Iraq), Kristina Kilaneva/Georgia, Carmit Lubanov/Israel, Jineth Bedoya Lima/Colombia, Ann Graham (USA), Razia Sultana (Bangladesh), Sophia Shakirova (Russia), Molly Freeman (USA), Lesly Ann Foster (South Africa), Inna Ayrapetyan (Russia), Kheda Omarkhadzieva (Russia), Diana Francis (UK), Nino Chipchiuri (Georgia), Anush Ghavalyan (Armenia), Malika Abubakarova (Russia), Alvard Tovmasyan (Armenia), Artur Sakunts (Armenia), Ara Harutyunyan (Armenia), Natalia Khodyreva (Russia), Rita Theo (Cyprus), Natalya Terekhova (Russia), Mariana Edilyan (Armenia), Kristina Tsarukyan (Armenia), Anahit Galojan (Russia),Hasmik Gevorgyan (Armenia), Mane Abrahamyan (Armenia), Syuzane Galstyan (Armenia), Nune Sarukhanyan (Armenia), Maro Matosian (Armenia), Sona Ayvazyan (Armenia), Lusine Kharatian (Armenia)