Several global networks in search of Multiconvergence met on 05.12.20 to discuss, under the coordination of Convivialism Transnational, the proposal to create a Parliament of Planetary Citizenship. Mobilized by the networks, about 60 people from different countries like Brazil (from many states), France (from several cities), Ecuador, Argentina, Russia, Israel, Italy, India, Germany, Belgium, Spain, etc, participated with much attention in the three hours of the virtual meeting.

What comes out of the meeting is that there is an evident interest in the proposal of the Parliament of Planetary Citizenship, in principle divided into two ¨Chambers¨. The first would be something like a Planetary Assembly chosen by a draw among people from the networks who are willing to participate in the experiment. The draw would seek to be representative at least in terms of gender, ethnicity, continents, etc., which is to be discussed. The other ¨Chamber¨ would be something like a Council of Wisdom, or Council of Visionaries, with a name to be defined, composed by respected people being indicated directly. This Parliament draft could be different if this article was written by other people who attended the meeting, since everything is being co-constructed, and the discussions are preliminary. The enthusiasm shown by those present allows for the continuation of this discussion and the possible operationalization of a pilot experiment in 2021.

Among the networks present at the meeting were the Convivialist hosts, the Dialogues in Humanity network, the Humanist Movement, the Agora of the Earth’s Inhabitants, the United Religions Initiative, the Viral Open Space, the World Social Forum of Transformative Economies, the Earth Charter and the Galactic Foundation, which recently joined the process. Observers from other networks and people who feel attracted by the proposal have had the opportunity to express themselves in group work.

As it is already the tradition of the Multiconvergence process and to make the communication of the great human Tower of Babel feasible, technical logistics and voluntary translation in four languages were organized by the networks in a cooperative way, under the coordination of Convivialism Transnational. The time of the first plenary was hindered by technical problems, but people stood firm until the group sessions by language that were prioritized and lasted an hour. This decision is consistent with Multiconvergence’s proposal of multiple protagonism and allowed for a longer conviviality, important for building trust among the networks and giving speech space to all participants.

The working groups made their reports at the final Plenary and the volume of questions and suggestions invited many hours of joint work. The excellent effort of Convivialism Transnational, supported by the Humanists, the Dialogues network and by VOS will be followed up in three events already planned. On December 20 from 2 to 4 pm in Brazil, in the virtual environment created by VOS, the discussions on the Parliament of Planetary Citizenship will continue, with a possible pilot experience of the creation of a Parliament within the Multiconvergence (objectives and legitimacy of such a Parliament, its methodology of operation, etc.), and of the actions of Multiconvergence so far. In January 2021, during the virtual World Social Forum, a conversation on new ways of doing planetary citizen politics is already planned and in February another Multiconvergence network will animate the next meeting, which will continue the process.

Are you interested in this discussion? Communicate with one of the networks in Multiconvergence and participate!

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