Due to the spread of Covid-19 throughout Europe and, in particular, as a result of the severe measures taken in Italy to contain the contagion and the restrictions on travel to Italy by other countries, the organizing team, together with several leaders of the working groups, has decided to suspend the European Humanist Forum which was to take place in Rome this June.

The Forum is only postponed; as soon as the emergency is over, we will be able to decide on a new date for the Forum. The work done so far will not be lost: we have the location, the accommodation, the updated web page and everything that the different working groups have already developed in this period of preparation.

Let us hope that the crisis that the epidemic is producing will be useful for people to understand how unsustainable and inhumane this system is, and that it will, therefore, become clear to everyone how important the European Humanist Forum is as a framework for the development of a new model of society, which we will be able to relaunch with even greater strength and enthusiasm as soon as we have the chance.

We invite everyone to continue to follow our website https://www.humanistforum.org/ for any further updates.

Organizing team of the European Humanist Forum