Berlin is a very lively, cosmopolitan city and this is especially true for its large Chilean community. Over the last 4 weeks, they have expressed their disdain for the events in Chile through multiple activities. We reported that there were demonstrations and various events in many places in Berlin. Particularly noteworthy were the graffiti actions in the Berlin Mauerpark (Wall Park) and at the East Side Gallery which is visited by many tourists, a place where remains of the Berlin Wall are still visible. Here slogans and demands of the Chileans were projected onto the remains of the wall.
Something similar, also initiated by Chilean artists in the area of Prenzlauer Berg, took place in the backyards of the old Berlin houses. Here, where many tourists and young Berliners enjoy the night, Chilean artists initiated an exhibition “Despertar 12500 km. Away ” with installations and artworks on the current situation in Chile. The special atmosphere gave an unique background to show the documentations and reports on the oppression of the people of Chile.
Many Berliners and the Chileans and Latin Americans living here hope, that the struggle of the peoples of Latin America, with the support of their world-famous artists, will bring significant improvements in the foreseeable future.

The short video gives an impression of this action.

Magaly Navarrete & Reiner Helmuth