“More than a million protesters crammed into the streets of central London to fight for a second EU referendum as Boris Johnsonsuffered another humiliating defeat, say organisers. Aerial footage showed extraordinary scenes as throngs of people marched from Park Lane to Parliament Square in Westminster amid a historic showdown in the House of Commons.” (The Mirror).

‘Hundreds of thousands join ‘people’s vote’ march in London – in pictures: Campaigners take part in ‘Together for the Final Say’ event calling for a second Brexit referendum ’ (The Guardian).

Prime Minister (PM) Boris Johnson lost another vote in Parliament as MPs refused to support his new Brexit deal as it was presented without time to even read it and decide whether it solved the problems that have been making the process a complete mess for the past three years.

The main difference seems to be that whilst all previous proposals were going to create a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland (destroying the Good Friday Agreement that created peace in Ireland after decades of terrible sectarian violence), the present deal puts the border between Britain and the EU on the Irish Sea, leaving Northern Ireland de facto within the EU customs union, which is not acceptable to the DUP and other loyalist factions.

As he was forced by law to request another extension from the EU the PM sent the letter requesting it in tantrum mode: he didn’t sign it and accompanied it with another letter explaining why he didn’t want it.

Three years after the Brexit referendum a lot of information has become available that was not at the time of the vote showing the damaging effects on the British economy, safety standards, etc, and the lies people were told. Those demanding that all proposals including a fresh referendum are put to the people have a clear point and the numbers on the streets show it, but time may be running out.