Washington, Jan 8 (Prensa Latina) U.S. President Donald Trump quoted alleged support from his predecessors for the border wall he wants to build on the Mexican frontier, but at least three ex-presidents have so far rejected the veracity of that assertion.
The Republican leader suggested during a press conference at the White House on Friday that some of the previous heads of state agreed with his desire to raise the border barrier.

This should have been done by all the presidents who preceded me, and they all know it. Some of them have told me they should have done it, Trump said.

But former Democratic presidents Jimmy Carter (1977-1981) and Bill Clinton (1993-2001), and Republican George W. Bush (2001-2009), have denied having had such a conversation with the current ruler.

I have not discussed the border wall with President Trump and I do not support him in this matter, Carter said Monday in a message released by the center named after him.

Spokespersons for the other two former presidents previously told several media that they did not address the prospect of a border wall with Trump.

He didn’t do it’, said Angel Ureña, Clinton’s spokesman, when the Politico website asked if the former president had told Trump he should have built a border wall during his term, and added they have not communicated since the Republican’s swearing-in.

Freddy Ford, Bush’s spokesman, told CNN that the former ruler and Trump ‘have not discussed this.

The only living US former president who has not publicly pronounced on the issue is his direct predecessor in office, Democrat Barack Obama (2009-2017).

However, Obama is extremely unlikely to privately praise Trump’s attempts to finance the wall, given that he has fervently opposed a border fence in public comment since Trump began promoting the idea in the election campaign, CNN said.

The New York Times called attention to this not the first time the head of state boasts of conversations that have never happened, and recalled that, in 2017, he referred to a supposed telephone conversation with the head of the Boy Scouts to praise a speech given by the president to the organization.

That same year he stated that the then president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, called him to tell Trump’s border efforts were preventing Central Americans from crossing into Mexico because they knew they could no longer enter the United States.

After both Boy Scout leader and Peña Nieto denied making such calls to the U.S. ruler, the White House acknowledged it never happened, the newspaper recalled

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