In a meeting held at the International Women’s House, Rome at the invitation of WILPF Italy, the ICAN Italy coordination body was established with the text below. The coordination body has been equipped with an e-mail list and is setting up a website that will report on all Italian initiatives that aim towards ICAN’s main objective which is to ensure that the largest number of countries sign and ratify the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

ICAN Italy Coordination Body Founding Statement

Today, in the presence, delegation or virtual connection of the members subscribed, a coordination body for ICAN member associations has been established in Italy.

The purpose of this coordination body is to increase the effectiveness of ICAN’s actions in Italy, with particular reference to the campaign for Italy to sign and ratify the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Coordination is open to all national and international associations which are members of ICAN or whose application is being assessed. The coordination also aims to enhance and include all local committees with the aim of supporting the ICAN campaign and nuclear disarmament.

Coordination will be provided by a website which will seek to report on all initiatives under way and those which the coordination body deems appropriate. The Coordination Body will exchange information via an e-mail list.

The autonomy of individual associations in directly organized and managed initiatives remains unaffected.

Rome, 17 June 2018, International House of Women

Signed in alphabetical order of the association the signatories belong to

Current ICAN members
Michele Di Paolantonio, AIMPGN (IPPNW Italy)
Barbara Lagomarsino, Cormuse
Joachim Lau, Ialana
Patrick Boylan, PeaceLink
Olivier Turquet, Pressenza
Antonia Sani, WILPF Italy
Maria Miraglia, World Foundation for Peace

Other member associations
Angelo Baracca, Comitato Fermare la Guerra, Florence
Alessandro Capuzzo, Peace Committee, coexistence and solidarity Danilo Dolci from Trieste
Francesco Lo Cascio, council of the Municipality of Palermo for peace, nonviolence, human rights and disarmament; MIR PALERMO aps
Alfonso Navarra, Disarmisti Esigenti
Oliviero Sorbini , Kronos Academy
Giuseppe Farinella , Il Sole di Parigi
Laura Tussi , ANPI by Nova Milanese
Adriano Ciccioni, Citta´Verde of Milan
Massimo Aliprandini, LOC
Fabrizio Cracolici, Lega per il Disarmo Unilateraleague for Unilateral Disarmament