Mongolia’s Loch Ness ? – Strange Sighting in the Uureg Lake

26.11.2017 - Pressenza Muenchen

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Mongolia’s Loch Ness ? – Strange Sighting in the Uureg Lake
(Image by Ekh Surwalj Agency)

A Mongolian traveller not only saw a mysterious giant creature, but also captured its video while he was taking a trip around Uureg Lake in Sagil soum, Uvs province.

Traveller Mr S. Sodnomdorj said “Foremost I thought there was a timber floating on the lake. Then I asked from a local man who was joining with me if it was possible or not. The local said ‘It is not possible’. We were in the distance of 250 meters away from the object. After that I tried to see that thing carefully, and then it seemed like an animal. I switched on my camera and started to record. I was running to the lake while recording because it was too far to capture it. That animal began to move its body and turned to the centre of the lake. Finally I realized it was an animal”.

As the man said, the creature’s fin appeared on the surface of the lake and it was approximately 7-8 meters.

Local people say “There is a myth about a giant creature in the Uureg Lake”. They call the giant creature as “Khukh bukh” (Blue bull), because there is a thrice-told story about it and in this story it moos like a bull and it appears once in 60 years. As the local people say, elderly people commonly used to say “I will give you to ‘blue bull’, if you behave naughtily” when those locals were little children. Accordingly they also used to warn not to swim in the lake or do it carefully.

Bring to mind: There was news released which was about Russian researchers working on a mysterious trace that was on the lake shore. It can be a footprint of a huge reptile and it possibly comes out to the shore from time to time. Exactly the same like mysterious animal of Loch Ness Lake in Scotland.

In fact at first time Mongolian and Russian joint group of geological research team led by Victor Yarmoluk, had been discovered a huge trace on the shore of the Khyargas lake in 80’s. (information source: Voice of Russia Aug 31, 2013).

Many geologists and zoologists from Russia had been travelled to the same shore in the next years after the fact above. Those scientists discovered several newly footprints on each time on the shore in 1.5 km from the lake. It seemed like many reptiles came out and were lying on the shore sand for a while.

Writer and public figure Igor Grishin and a team which he led are visited Khyargas Lake in 2013 second time. They used modern high technologies such as an echometer when they visited the lake first time in 2010.

We found different sizes of traces and also bones which are cannot belong to the animals in Mongolia. However fishes that bitten by big teeth were caught from the lake many times, but there is only a species called ‘toothless Osman of Altai’ exists in the lake as known. We afforded the observation of the footprints on the ground and bed of the lake with echometer. Those footprints can be divided into 3 groups. There can be different sizes of several animals or those footprints can be traces from different parts of one animal.”

Researchers found out that some prehistoric animals such as plesiosaurs were not able to digest its food unless to swallow stones.

Valery Nikolayev is a zoologist and scientist of Valdai protected area. He stated that he agrees the prediction on existence of the prehistoric giant reptiles. He also assumed the reason why locals afraid to come close to the lake is they scare of so-called whale which was not seen ever.

Indigenous people never interested in the lake even when they are close to it. In spite of people who leave nearby the Khyargas Lake say there is a huge animal exists in the lake. People obviously can say this is just a myth, but there were many occasions which succeeded the discovery of such animals based on the similar myths in the scientifically history. For instance panda, latimeria fish – ‘living fossils’ which hasn’t been evolved during 400 million years and okapi – a species of the giraffe family all were myths”.

However, the Uureg Lake exists in the distance of over 150 kilometers from the Khyargas Lake, they belong to the same region of geography. It raises the assumption of existence of the similar giant creatures in both lakes. Even though there were some evidences of giant reptiles recorded before, this is the first time to be witnessed and captured such creature. Mr. Sodnomdorj who captured the creature wants to have analysed the video and to prove if it is a creature or not.

Reproduced with kind permission of Ekh Surwalj Agency (ESA, Information Source Agency)
Translation: Amraa Delgermaa

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