Educating children to respect the Other and understand human rights through targeted readings. This is the aim of the new book series, lisolachecé, that was announced a few days ago by Multimage – a humanist nonprofit publishing association based in Florence – on its profile Facebook and twitter.

Olivier Turquet, editorial director of Multimage, said “lisolachecé publishes illustrated children’s tales, stories and documents for 3 to 14 year olds, with the objective of stimulating the parent-child dialogue on important issues such as human rights and the values of peace, respect and dialogue. The years of childhood are essential for the formation of a person’s mentality and we need new texts for a new world, centred on values and not on consumerism”.

The first book in the series, “An unexpected friend,” will focus on diversity, prejudice and friendship. Written by Stefano Montanari, a human rights activist, and illustrated by Italian artist Mauro Cicarè, the book will be ready by late October in different bilingual versions. Several presentations of the book are being organised in Italy, France and Germany.

“We have already translated the book into French, English and German and we are working on additional language versions in Bulgarian and Spanish” Montanari said, who will also be the series’ editor. “We have recently launched a crowdfunding with the aim to increase the print run and the number of language versions of the book.”

For 21 years, the Multimage rested on the passion and idealism of a group of volunteers to publish books and objects of various kinds on human rights and to promote activities to help spread the humanist culture. To date, Multimage has published over 100 books.