Austrian court overturns presidential election

03.07.2016 - Vienna - Prensa Latina

Austrian court overturns presidential election

Vienna, Jul 2 (Prensa Latina) Austrian Far right presidnetial candidate Norbert Hofer,said that if he wins he will cary out a referendum similar to the Brexit of UK, to leave the European Union.

Hofer,leader of Freedom Party (FPO),he justified his position saying that THE EU is a menace to the soveranity of memeber states, with and increase of its powers to national parliaments.

The most contentious Austrian presidential election since World War II will have to be repeated due to irregularities in the counting of absentee ballots, the country’s highest court ruled Friday in a stunning decision that gives the losing far-right populist candidate a second chance and only adds to the political turbulence in Europe.

Austria’s Constitutional Court ruled in favor of right wing candidate Norbert Hofer and his Freedom Party, which had filed a complaint about irregularities after losing the May 22 election to leftist candidate Alexander Van der Bellen by a razor-think margin of just 31,000 votes – or 50.3 percent to 49.7 percent .

The court agreed, citing the counting of some of the 740,000 absentee ballots on May 22 instead of on the day after the election, May 23, as the election law states.

The judges favor a demand presented by FPO,that denouenced irregularities in 94 of the 117 electoral circuits,and said that new elections should take place again.

The president in Austria do mainly ceremonial functions and his election normaly doesn’t call international attention, he stills has among his responsabilities to change the cabinet and to be Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

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