Brexit as a reality offers fresh British-European-Humanist opportunities

24.06.2016 - Tony Henderson

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Brexit as a reality offers fresh British-European-Humanist opportunities
Short-circuited celebrations (Image by Tony Hendy Henderson-Winlaton)

Instability is a prime condition for deep changes to take place in any situation and what determines how everything moves is primarily determined by the stronger forces impinging on that situation. As the orthodox forces are pretty much balanced, as shown by the relative ratio of the leave-remain vote, this could result in a like effect where in previous years on the political front the Greens took power as they held deciding votes on major issues despite being merely a fringe party.

The exit has already thrown up positives with Ireland looking at unifying the entire island and Scotland voting in a likely next referendum to independently join the EU after leaving the UK, a majority feeling there today.

NATO – read the USA military-political elites – will now have a tough time holding together following Britain’s new form of relation with Europe and will have to work much harder to coerce a more independent island peoples of the value of ringing Russia with missiles, endangering those nations edging Russia and being used by bigger powers as buffers after buying the leaderships into an assenting position.

An independent Scotland would not allow nuclear armed submarines to be based in its lochs and that nation would have a military in accordance with its reduced rank and thus lessen the general world danger of war.

Britain itself would have to step back from its bulldog-like stance internationally under the umbrella of the aggressive and expansionist USA because the government will have to be more responsive to the people who will have found a more determinist voice and which body will have to be taken into account.

Yes, wars do generate jobs owing to the armaments industry but there are many other ways of expressing creativity and a happier workforce and technological improvements that relate to combating climate change offers unending opportunities for employment.

It is increasingly better understood that it’s the West’s (largely) actions supplying arms that is the root cause of the refugee influx into Europe from the Middle East. Stop the bombing Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan etc and the flow of refugees will cease.

This is a moment where the British people can think what it is they really want as the British way of life recognising that the old forms of empire, of dominance, or colonisation have finished and the future lies with mutual co-operation and reciprocation, helping lesser nations reach equilibrium with developed nations.  So much remains to do, no shortage of opportunities for a non-aligned but not neutral Britain.

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