We can count ourselves lucky. The previous young revolution from the 1960s and ’70s divided those who believed in social/political change and others who felt spiritual/psychological change was more important. But there were also the new humanists who proposed both personal and social change as sides of the same coin, or the same Moebius strip.

Almost 50 years later the new generations have come to the latter view, there is a growing new spirituality which also promotes social change and the human being as the central value, putting into practice the methodology of nonviolence to achieve equal rights and equal opportunities, non-discrimination and the Universal Human Nation in a convergence of diversity that opens the future for every person in the planet.

Many people gathered to celebrate this new spirituality in Toledo Park of Study and Reflection last weekend for and Encounter of Silo’s Message.

A new spirituality for a new world (extracts from the Ceremony of Recognition)

“The pain and suffering that human beings experience recedes when good knowledge advances, not knowledge at the service of selfishness and oppression.

Good knowledge leads to justice.

Good knowledge leads to reconciliation.

Good knowledge also leads us to decipher the sacred in the depths of our consciousness.

We consider the human being to be the highest value above money, the State, religion, the models, and social systems.

We promote liberty of thought.

We promote equal rights and equal opportunities for all human beings.

We recognize and applaud diversity in customs and cultures.

We oppose all discrimination.

We consecrate just resistance against all forms of violence: physical, economic, racial, religious, sexual, psychological, and moral.

In the same way that no one has the right to discriminate against others for their religion or their non-religiousness, we affirm our right to proclaim our spirituality and our belief in immortality and the sacred.

Our spirituality is not the spirituality of superstition, it is not the spirituality of intolerance, it is not the spirituality of dogma, it is not the spirituality of religious violence. It is the spirituality that has awakened from its deep sleep to nurture the best aspirations of the human being.

We want to give coherence to our lives, to make coincide what we think, what we feel, and what we do.

We want to surpass bad consciousness by acknowledging our failures.

We aspire to persuade and to reconcile.

We make a growing commitment to follow the rule that reminds us to treat others as we want to be treated.

Let us begin a new life.

Let us search within ourselves for signs of the sacred, and let us carry our message to others.

Today we begin to renew our lives. Let us begin by seeking mental peace and the Force that gives us joy and conviction. Afterwards, we will go to those closest to us and share with them everything great and good that has happened to us.

Peace, Force, and Joy for everyone.”

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