Pressenza proudly announces the launch of a seventh language to go with our Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese and German editions.

In these days of growing uncertainty about the future of Greece with its implications for the entire EU project and the financial principles on which it is based, the Greek bureau, supported by a team of volunteers in Athens, is ideally placed to report directly from the centre of the action.

Pressenza’s news, analysis and opinion focusing on nonviolence, human rights, disarmament, humanism and the fight against discrimination ensures that we will bring our readers in Greek information from a perspective that places the value of human beings at the centre.

As Greece faces a difficult time ahead and the possibility of increasing violence as austerity measures bite harder on the suffering population we will show the positive things: the non-violent social protests, the solidarity shown by Greek people, not only to other Greeks but also to the wave of migrants that increases daily, and we will show the creativity of a people subject to such unnecessary cruelty.

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Pressenza is always happy to receive offers of help in any of our seven languages so if Pressenza in Greek inspires you to get involved in the areas of writing, photography, video production and translation among others, then please contact