This project was born from a curiosity about Greece. Soon the idea of making an interactive documentary became clear, giving voice to those women and men who organize themselves to find solutions to the needs of daily life. It is this active and courageous Greece that the documentary shows.  The perspective is a human existential one.

In recent years the beginnings of a profound change have been expressed in the street. Human Beings want to retake their place at the heart of decision-making. When we learn to walk, sometimes we fall but we get up again. It may be that Europe and the world we want is one where solidarity, sharing, social justice will be a reality for all.

Human beings are not in crisis, they are waking up. An alternative to the economic, social and human violence of this system is possible. Collective intelligence, sharing and solidarity demonstrates the point; Greece is an example.

This interactive documentary will be in two parts:

Part 1: Shot in Greece from the 1st to the 10th of October 2015
Part 2: Shot in France. Three questions (taken from the interviews in Greece) will be given to everyone attending the screening. The debate will be filmed in every city it is shown.

The first screening of the full documentary (1st + 2nd parts) will take place in Greece. It will be translated into several languages ​​(English, Spanish etc.).

Pressenza, our media partner, will publish the report and articles sent during the week of filming in Greece and follow the filming in France.

This project is self-funded

Brigitte Cano (photographer and camerawoman), Nadège Nagatto (script), Gabrielle Négrel (coordination).