These days the frequency of earthquakes occuring all around the world is giving alarm while the warning horns of racing ambulances trying to get through jammed traffic to reach hospital is a common sight. It is supposed that drivers in the vehicles to the front are deaf and unable to move aside so there is a high chance that any patient will die the in ambulance before reaching emergency treatment.

These sights can be taken as yet another sign for us to stop disturbing nature through our drilling to get ever more minerals, performing test atomic explosions to update atomic weapons, besides pumping oil and gas to run luxurious vehicles and jets owned by our greedy modern human beings. All these things are creating a hollowness beneath our earth and increasing all the risks that bring us onto a path where this planet has a less and less bright future.

Irshad Ahmad Mughal, Pakistan.

Who knows how dangerously nature is flexing its muscles to take revenge on human beings through another earthquake, tsunami or disaster? After pumping and drilling for unlimited quantities of oil and gas to convert into smoke, how can we expect a luxurious life style without facing disaster? How long will our limited reserves of oil and gas afford luxurious life styles of greedy human beings on this planet? Nobody answers it except the Earth’s reply with another earthquake or tsunami that could be an answer to the question.

Scientists say that, “A magnitude 8.6 earthquake releases energy equivalent to about 10 000 atomic bombs of the type developed in World War II”. For example a 7.6 magnitude Pakistani earthquake released energy equal to 252 Hiroshima atom bombs: magnitude 9 Japan Earthquake released energy equal to 31,822.4 Hiroshima atom bombs; and magnitude 7.8 earthquake in Nepal released energy equal to 504.4 Hiroshima atom bombs. (calculated through Earthquake Energy Calculator on Alhama which means a total of 32,578.6 Hiroshima atom bombs have been dropped on us and we are still sleeping and snoring as well as waiting for another big disaster as shown in newly released Hollywood movie, “San Andreas”.

The purpose of that movie was not to motivate people to raise their voices against greedy corporations but to make more money on top of the cost of panic, fear, thrills and anxiety after it shows on screen.

The formula to calculate calamity is very simple. “1 earth quake of 7.8 magnitude is equal to 52 Hiroshima atom bombs” and “If 166,000 people died in 1 Hiroshima atom bombs, there are chances that with 252 atom bombs 41,832,000 will die”.

Media, research, entertainment and education, all instruments of analysis and critical thinking, are these days controlled by corporations, multi-nationals, and transnationals and they made us deaf and dumb so we ignore these warnings. If we wake up, what will happen to this global economic system pumping money from poor to rich at the cost for Nature? Thieves prefer to steal when people are asleep. Likewise corporations, banks, multi-nationals and international institutions prefer humanity to sleep while they empty our pockets.

It also means they have control over our thoughts and ability to question. We think what they want us to think, we act in the way they want us to act, we choose what they want us to choose, we learn what they want us to learn in schools, we behave as they want us to behave as good citizens, we buy what they want us to buy, we believe what they want us to believe. This is the philosophy of globalization to rule over souls and bodies all at the same time.

After each disaster, humanitarian organizations become active through funding from these corporations, transnational and other international aid agencies which bodies have worked to disturb the equilibrium of nature and have brought disaster on us. Humanitarian organizations educate people how to behave during earthquakes but when the whole planet collapses where will we all go? Who will deal with the bodies, injured or dead? All blames is on nature; nobody blames corporations, transnationals, military forces and business tycoons who are throwing the equivalent of atom bombs at civilians through pumping and digging for gas and oil as well as testing atomic arsenals to keep updated in ability to destroy our Earth.

Humanist writer from Chile Tomas Hirsch in his End of Pre History describes the pathetic picture of suffocating and passive human thinking in this modern world, “The emergencies we must deal with in the present often make us forget that we are traveling together with others toward someplace, and we imagine tomorrow as being an infinite repetition of today. We, therefore, tend to think that global change is produced by the accumulation of millions of individual efforts, and with this thought we stop worrying about the destiny of the whole, secluding ourselves in our individual cell within the hive, to fulfill (with greater or lesser brilliance) the role that circumstance has assigned us in the colony.”

In front of us, there are two roads. On one road we can wait and see, eat pizza and burgers with soft drinks and thank globalization for providing linkages to develop friendships, and reducing distance between globe and never think for tomorrow. Some day unpredictable incidents committed by nature may teach us lessons and we might see the side-effects of globalization.

On the other road, we could wake up from our sleep, make efforts to save future generations from unpredictable disasters and stop those who are dropping such atom bombs on Nature and annoying it before we are too late – before Earth and nature has vanished, trees, mountains, all have vanished – the gifts vanished, by means of drilling, explosions, and testing. We would be robbed of our lives and miss our destiny in life.