Newsletter from the Stop TTIP campaign

Dear friends,

We did it! 2 million people signed our European Citizens Initiative (ECI) against TTIP (the EU-US agreement) and CETA (the EU-Canada agreement). This is a new record: no other ECI has ever reached such a high number of support. Let’s celebrate and let’s continue as the crucial phase of the debate is yet to come. Therefore, please continue to collect signatures! You have time until October 6. Check out our brand-new mobilisation video and share it widely. We would appreciate any donation to support our work in the coming months.

As already reported in our last newsletter: an important vote will take place in Strasbourg this coming Wednesday, on 10 June. The European Parliament (EP) will vote on a resolution (meaning that it will issue an opinion) on TTIP. Since the draft of the resolution generally salutes TTIP, there is a danger that the final resolution will not be sufficiently critical. However, it is still possible that parliament will demand for the highly controversial Investor-State-Dispute-System (ISDS = corporate courts) to be excluded from TTIP. This would be a great success.

Many members of the European parliament (MEP) have not yet decided how they will vote. This means that there is still time to influence them. If you have not done so yet, please use the online-tool that you find on, to contact your MEPs directly. Ask them to clearly reject ISDS or in the event that a definite rejection of ISDS is not included to completely reject the entire resolution instead. No resolution is better than a bad resolution!

Best wishes,
Your Stop TTIP campaign team
(Michael Efler, Stephanie Roth and Cornelia Reetz)