Quito, May 30 (Andes).- The Swedish consultancy firm Kreab presented its report “Ecuador y la Revolucion Ciudadana, un camino hacia el buen vivr” (Ecuador and its Citizen Revolution, a path towards the good living) which describes the country as “a phenomenon that cannot go unnoticed,” President Rafael Correa explained during his weekly report from the province of Azuay.

In the document presented in Spain, policies implemented by the Ecuadorian government are being analyzed “achieving its goal of the good living, improving life conditions, increasing equality and reducing poverty,” according to a video released during the 426 Citizen Link.

Moreover, it describes how the country has faced the drop in oil prices (main export product) how it has diversified its sources of finance and the actions the government has taken to transform the Ecuadorian production machine.

The 46 page report also mentions the challenges that the country has to face to “position Ecuador as a knowledge and sustainable innovation oriented nation.”

The video shows Eugenio Martínez, administrative partner of Kreab Iberia, who, during the launching of the report, affirmed “we believe in Ecuador and we are confident that its economy will continue such growing scale.”

According to Martínez, the country “represents a key player in Latin America and it is offering us many lessons about management and innovation in different levels. It is a phenomenon that cannot go unnoticed.”

According to the World Bank figures, collected in Kreab report, Ecuador kept a positive economic performance, even in the most difficult times, like in 2009, when the world economic crisis hit Latin America, which decreased 1,6% while the Ecuadorian economy grew 0,6% “which wasn’t easy at all with a difficult international context and in a country without national currency.”

“Kreab consultancy firm cites Ecuador as an example of economic management and how it faced world crisis (…) it is an example worldwide, that is why they talk about the “Ecuadorian miracle,” the head of state affirmed.