Quito, April 18 (Andes).- The North American oil company Chevron misled justice and hid evidence in the case of environmental contamination in the Amazon for which it was sentenced in Ecuador, which is evidenced in a video produced by Amazon Watch based on the company’s film, a “convincing” proof of the company’s corruption, President Correa said this Saturday.

In 2013, the company was condemned to pay 9,500 million dollars by the Ecuadorian justice, which sentenced that the North American company denies paying claiming that it fulfilled its obligations and that it was certified by the State when they left decades ago.

Correa published on Twitter a link of the video and called on his followers to “re-tweet this link so the world can know Chevron’s corruption.”

It consists of “videos of their own trying to cheat and hide their contamination and showing that they are not corrupt, they were trying to deceive the judge and wanted to make judicial inspections in places with no contamination,” Correa claimed.

The video edited by Amazon Watch shows who might apparently be experts of Chevron looking for places with no contamination to make judicial inspections later. The environmental organization affirms that these films were delivered in its headquarters in Washington D.C. in an envelope with a note saying “I hope this is useful against Texaco/Chevron’s trial” and signed by “Chevron’s friend.”