Trans-Atlantic Accord Threatens Health, Warn European Experts

23.03.2015 - Prensa Latina

Trans-Atlantic Accord Threatens Health, Warn European Experts
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Madrid, Mar 23 (Prensa Latina) European experts consider that the trade agreement that is being negotiated between the European Union (EU) and the United States threatens peoples health, according to a manifesto published today here.

The document signed by 71 public-health organizations from 41 European countries considers that the planned Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership would reduce the health and security standards of consumers at dangerous levels.

The version circulated by the Spanish publication Medicos y Pacientes (Doctors and Patients), the assessment said the agreement would also cause greater inequality and would undermine public services.

The source also published the opinion of European Public-Health Association President Martin McKee, who demanded that the EU puts health before economic benefit and reject the agreement.

The criticism gathered by the publication include that of the British National Health Service, which warned in a study that privileged access to investors and foreign companies will favor the emergence of a non-accountable and extrajudicial arbitration system.

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