Moratorium on any new nuclear arms spending

06.03.2015 - Alice Slater

Moratorium on any new nuclear arms spending
Vienna, December 2014 (Image by ICAN)

If the US really want “arms control” we should disband NATO, take our missiles out of Poland, Romania and Turkey (Turkey for the second time, since JFK took them out of Turkey once before in a deal for the USSR to get their missiles out of Cuba), reinstate the 1972 ABM treaty which Bush walked out of unilaterally in 2002, take up Russia and China’s proposal to negotiate a space weapons ban, which the US alone is blocking in the CD in Geneva, as well as their proposal to negotiate a treaty to prevent cyberwarfare.

By Alice Slater

Also, give up Article 5 of the NATO agreement, even before we disband NATO, in which the US promises to nuke any enemy of our allies in NATO when necessary, and stop putting our troops in Ukraine – we just promised 600 in today’s news.

I am appalled at the Russia bashing that is going on in the US lamestream media as well as by NGOs who should know better. This demonizing of Russia, when the US is the greatest warmonger of the 21st century, is sounding a lot like the leadup to the Iraq war where we demonized Saddam and lied about his having nukes, not to mention what the US did to Khadaffi AFTER he gave up his nukes.

What a lesson for the others to whom we are now supplying bomb factories in the form of nuclear reactors – new players in the nuclear club like the UAE, and Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.

If we want nuclear arms control, let’s start with a moratorium on any new nuclear arms spending in the US (instead of the projected trillion dollars over 30 years) except to guard and dismantle what we already have and let them rust in peace under lock and key. And we should certainly be calling on all our governments to sign the Austrian pledge which is the only live game in town that has any hope of breaking the hopeless logjam on nuclear rearmament.



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