Kiev Goverment Fears Merkel, Hollande reach Agreement with Putin

07.02.2015 - Prensa Latina

Kiev, Feb 6 (Prensa Latina) Angela Mérkel and Francois Hollande left the Presidential Administration building without making statements to the press on their five-hour meeting with President Petro Poroshenko and left for Moscow where they are now meeting with Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin.

The so-called party of war in Ukraine publicly recognized its worry because the visit to Moscow of Angela Merkel, German chancellor and Francois Hollande, president of France to meet their peer, Vladimir Putin might end in a road-map to end the conflict in Southeast Ukraine.

Former Foreign Minister of Ukraine, Andrei Deschitsa was explicit in declaring to TVN24 channel of local television that present Ukrainian officials fear the meeting of the so-called “Troika” by news media agree on a road map that Kiev cannot accept.

TV stations controlled by the power established after the coup staged on February 22, 2014, while they coincided with the commentary that Hollande for the first time, described as “war” the Ukrainian conflict during a press conference in Paris.

After emphasizing on the war in Ukraine, the French president informed that together with Merkel, his objective during this trip to Ukraine and Russia is to achieve a text that is acceptable for all interested parties.

On his part, present Foreign Minister of Ukraine, Pavlo Kimkin, wrote in Twitter that “the meeting of the Three of Normandy” went well. Don’t worry, it does not exert pressure on Ukraine, France and Germany help us to return to peace.”

However, in contrast with the interests of the war party in Kiev, which rejects the possibility of an international force of interposition to guarantee peace, the spokesperson of Russian Foreign Ministry, Alexander Lukashevich, admitted that possibility.

Lukashevich informed before the beginning of the meeting of Presidents of Russia, France and chancellor of Germany, that in today’s talks they would examine the question of sending pacifiers to Southeast Ukraine.

Also, the spokesperson for the UN Secretary General, Ban ki moon, Farhan Hag, referred to the issue and asserted that to initially start preparations for the deployment of the blue helmets, two conditions are necessary.

Forcefully, an adequate petition of the country is needed, as well as the approved mandate by the Security Council. Until this moment, there is not one or the other, concluded the spokesperson.


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