Madrid, Nov 15 (Prensa Latina) The leader of the newly established Spanish party Podemos (We can), Pablo Iglesias, recommended today the people”s alliances, rather than the political organizations, to remove the right wing from the power in the general elections of 2015.

The organization broke into the politics in the European Parliament elections last May, when it became the third most-voted force in Spain and is continues in a promotion, which positions it in first place of voting intention in some polls.

‘The power is not afraid of the left nor to a coalition of acronyms on the left, the power fears the people’s empowerment, and for Podemos that is going to be a fundamental issue at the time of establishing alliances,” Iglesias stated.

In an interview with Publico digital newspaper, Iglesias considered there are good intentions in those proponents of a front of left, but stated that left-right axles do not serve to understand the political scene in the country.

There is, he added, a different scenario, in which there are the one on the top and those on bottom, a caste versus a social majority, and with this new scenario a political change, the defense of social rights and citizenship are really possible.