Presidential Elections in Bolivia Going On Without Incidents

12.10.2014 - Prensa Latina

Caracas, 12 Oct (Prensa Latina) There are 650 Bolivian voters who a residents in Venezuela which is one of the 33 countries were Bolivians will be voting today.

This will be the first time were Bolivians will have the right to vote from other countries which means that since yesterday they have been voting in Japan and China because of the different timing according to the representative of the Election Supreme Tribunal of Bolivia, Luis Fernández.

Bolivians will be voting for 5 different candidates to be president for the period 2015-2020.

The are 15 thousand pooling station in the 9 province of the country and the police is deploy nationally to guarantee security in all the country.

The first report on the results will be announce at 8 pm tonight with a second one at midnight with at least 70 percent of the total votes counted and from then on a report will be given every 12 hours until the final votes are counted.

Morales,according to pools like Ipsos, Opinión and Mercado; Tal Cual; and Equipos Mori, has 60 percent of voters on his side very much ahead of his second contender, Samuel Doria Medina, of Unidad Demócrata (UD), who only has 17 percent.

Up to now the election is taking place in a very peaceful environment without incidents reported by international and local observers in the field.

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