The New putney Debates 2014 start on Mon 27/10

23.10.2014 - Pressenza London

The New putney Debates 2014 start on Mon 27/10
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After the ongoing Occupy Democracy protests at Parliament Square, ending on October 26th, Occupy London will continue to push for real democracy with The New Putney Debates. It will overturn discredited narratives of the political mainstream, and examine democratic pathways to social, economic and ecological justice. The New Putney Debates takes place in accessible London locations. The events benefit from wide practical support, including Friend’s House at Euston, Trades Unions, Charities and Colleges.

2014 Programme

All events are free and open to everyone with no need to book or register

Summary of Upcomming Events:

Mon Oct 27, 7pm, Crash & Austerity (more info here)

Tue Oct 28, 7pm, Concentrated power (more info here)

Thu Oct 30, 7pm, Basic income & Democratising money (more info here)

Fri, Oct 31, 7pm, Disabled Women’s right to Occupy! (more info here)

Sat, Nov 1: 2:30pm,Tax Dodging, Corporate State Capture & Regulatory Arbitrage (more info here)

4:30pm, Trade treaties event (more info to follow soon)

Sun, 2 Nov, 2pm, Is Capitalism part of the answer? (more info here)

Tue 4 Nov, 7pmDebt resistance (more info here)

 Thu, 6 Nov, 7pm, Re-wilding & The Charter of the Forest (more here)

Fri Nov 5: LEFT FREE FOR Anonymous’s Million Mask March

Sat Nov 8, 2pm, Energy, Equity & Environment (more info here)

Sun Nov 16, 1pmConstitutional Democracy  (more info here)

The Putney Debates were a series of discussions, which took place in 1647, between members of the New Model Army – a number of the participants being Levellers – concerning the makeup of a new constitution for England.

After seizing the City of London from Presbyterian opponents in August 1647, the New Model Army had set up its headquarters at Putney. The debates began at the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Putney, in the county of Surrey (now in South West London), starting on 28 October 1647 but moved to the nearby lodgings of Thomas Grosvenor, Quartermaster General of Foot, on 29 October. The debates lasted until 11 November. (Wikipedia)

The debates appear to have been one of the most revolutionary democratic moments in the history of the British Isles, and had a strong influence of later events such as the French Revolution and the American Independence and Constitution.

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