Ecuador implements strategy to eradicate extreme poverty

02.08.2013 - Quito - Prensa Latina

Ecuador implements strategy to eradicate extreme poverty
(Image by Prensa Latina)

Eradicate extreme poverty amounting to 8.51 percent last June, and reduce it to seven points as income of the 23.69 percent, are two main goals of the Ecuadorian Strategy for Equality and Eradication of Poverty. This strategy will be coordinated and implemented by the Technical Secretariat for the Eradication of Poverty, under the National Secretariat of Planning and Development (Senplades), established by Executive Decree last May 15 and should be discussed this month at the popular grassroots . Ana Maria Larrea, Under Secretary General of Planning for the Good Life, highlighted that Ecuador is leading the item of eradication of poverty at the regional level.

During the six years of the current government, was recognized as the first country to reduce inequalities and third in reducing poverty. Ecuador can now consider more ambitious goals such as eradicating extreme poverty (misery), Larrea commented.

He said the strategy should be articulated to the National Plan for Good Living 2013 “2017, approved by the National Planning Council after being discussed at different levels and collected observations of popular delegates.

That strategy has six components: quality social services (health, education, security and justice), water and sanitation, so they will work together with the autonomous Decentralized governments (GAD); comprehensive protection of lifecycle.

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