Télam. National News Agency of Argentina. July 3, 2013. The Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) summoned its Presidents to an extraordinary meeting, at a date still not announced, to analyze the negative by several European countries to allow Evo Morales’ plane to flight over their territories.

Venezuelan Ari Rodríguez, UNASUR secretary general, confirmed the meeting “to discuss the incredible prohibition” to Morales’ plane. The Bolivian President was returning from an official visit to Russia.

Italy, France, Spain and Portugal prohibited yesterday the flight of Morales’ plane over their territories. But Spain later denied such behavior, allegedly adopted under the pretext that former CIA agent, Edward Snowden, wanted by the United States, was flying in Morales’ plane.

A UNASUR communiqué called “outrageous” the case and asked not to accept this “imperialist action”.

Morales’ plane finally took off from Vienna early today, following 13 hours of forced retention. It is expected to arrive tonight to La Paz.

The UNASUR communiqué regarded as “very dangerous” the attitude assumed by France and Portugal, by cancelling without previous warning the permit already granted to the plane to fly over their territories.

“The Secretary General of UNASUR regards as very strange that this episode happened when all the governments of the European Union have expressed their concern for the espionage program launched by the United States against their nations”, added the document.