Demonstrators met in Omonia Square in Athens to protest against discrimination, bearing banners with slogans such as, “Neo Nazis out” and “Justice for the fascist murderers of Shezad Luqman,” a murdered immigrant.

Two men, one aged 25 and a fireman, 29, confessed to the police of having stabbed Luqman in the chest in the early morning on Wednesday after a discussion.

The police believed the attack to be racially motivated as at the home of one of the attackers they found leaflets of the ultranationalist party, Golden Dawn, according to the Europa Press News Agency.

This ultra-right Greek party which aims to remove illegal immigrants obtained 7% of votes in the last parliamentary elections in June 2012.

However, recent opinion polls show that they are now in third place among Greek political parties with a support of between 10.7% and 12%.

“Maybe his death will manage to prevent these kinds of attacks.  We are protesting so that the government takes measures to stop racist attacks,” said the President of the Pakistani Community, Javied Aslam.

Amnesty International said that the killing of Luqman was not an isolated incident but rather shows the “continual failure” of Greek authorities when it comes to taking measures to end racist violence.

The UN Refugee agency (UNHCR) pointed out that racist attacks have increased alarmingly during the economic crisis, which has led to one in four Greeks being out of work and a reduced standard of living, without the government taking serious measures to stop the problem.

Human Rights groups explained that the majority of the victims are attacked in public places or on the public transport system, normally by groups of men dressed in black who on some occasions have their faces covered.