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16.11.2012 - Pressenza IPA

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Activists protest against attacks in Gaza (Image by

The news coming out of Gaza and Israel these past few days has been truly horrifying. Drones and F-16s are dropping bombs over densely populated Gaza, which continues to be under Israel’s control from infrastructure to border. Twenty Palestinians have been killed. Rockets being launched out of Gaza have killed three Israeli civilians.

This Operation “Pillar of Defense” is being paid for thanks to the blank check the Israeli military receives from the US government. Even as we take to the streets to call for an immediate cessation of the bombings into Gaza, the rocket attacks into civilian communities in Israel, and an end to the ongoing siege of Gaza, we are aware that more is required.

Now is the time to demand Obama take decisive action that honors all the lives being lost.

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Even before Israel’s escalation of violence, we were calling for an end to the Israeli military’s blank check along with a growing coalition of Jews, Christians, Muslims and human rights and solidarity activists. Together we are asking President Obama to make sure aid to Israel doesn’t continue to violate US laws which specifically prohibit assistance to any country which engages in a consistent pattern of human rights violations.

Now is the time to make sure the US stops payment on the Israeli military’s blank check. As Hillel the Elder taught: “If not now, when?”

Please join me in signing this open letter to Obama.

With hope,

Rabbi Alissa Wise
Jewish Voice for Peace

Letter sent to Teresa (Mayte), a Humanist Movement activist from Spain who has followed the Jewish Voice for Peace for years.


She adds, “People are not their governments. There are many Jews in Israel who risk their lives jumping the border to rescue Palestinians to bring them to their hospitals, and many kids in Israeli jails because they refuse to fire on the Palestinian people.

“There are many good people in the villages. If it dependent on ordinary peoples, wars would not happen!”


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