Countries that have not yet signed or ratified the convention are Egypt, Angola, Syria, Somalia, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the young Southern Sudan, while Israel and Myanmar signed but have not met the requirement of ratification.

That agreement came into force on April 29, 1997 and until now it has 188 States representing 98 percent of the global population according to UN data.

Almost three quarters of all declared stockpiles (of weapons) have been destroyed, Ban Ki-moon said in his message this Saturday.

There is no excuse to take longer to free our planet from these instruments of suffering and death, he said when addressing the countries that are still outside the Convention.

The instrument contains provisions that provide an effective international regime to verify the destruction of all chemical weapons stockpiled and prevent them from recurrance, the head of the UN said.

It will reduce terrorism threat with chemical weapons and will strengthen the job carried out by the UN to prevent the use of mass destruction arms by terrorists, he asserted.