Peace activists denied entry into South Korea, Jeju Island

15.03.2012 - Seoul - Tony Henderson

Bruce Gagnon, coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, also an advisory committee member of the Global Campaign to Save Jeju Island, says: “Angie, who is has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize has been in Jeju for several weeks since she participated in the Global Network’s peace conference. Benjamin was an active member of the international solidarity team and has been in Jeju since May, working day in and day out, to join the villagers in the fight to defend their land, their culture, their way of life.”

No doubt these are crucial times with the blasts continuing on Gureombi and likely to continue to do so for the next 6 months.

In its further efforts against what the government plans, the Global Campaign to Save Jeju Island issued a notice to its members and the media: “We have to sustain our pressure on the South Korean government. Please take a moment to respond to Bruce Gagnon’s plea to make calls to the Embassy. We also need help reaching the media to shine a bright light on the horrific actions of the South Korean government against its own people.”

According to reports from Veterans for Peace, the denied activists were: Tarak Kauff, Elliott Adams, and Mike Hastie… “who were met by South Korean authorities when they landed on Jeju Island via Shanghai, China. The South Korean authorities had a photo of each of them in their hands and told them they would not be allowed to enter Jeju Island.”

They were instead taken and put on a plane back to Shanghai.

*“When they arrived in Shanghai they were told that they each had to pay US$280 for the change in flight schedule. But Tarak told the Chinese that they had just been denied entry into South Korea because they were going to protest against a Navy base that was being aimed at China. When the Chinese authorities heard that they waived the $280 fee for each of them.”*

Tarak, Elliott and Mike are severely disappointed that they will not be able to stand with the people of Gangjeong village on Jeju Island. South Korean members of Veterans for Peace were planning on flying from Seoul to Jeju Island to meet with them.

*“This case illustrates just how much the South Korean puppet regime fears the growing international movement to support the fight against the Navy base on Jeju Island,”* reports Bruce Gagnon. *“We know where the South Korean authorities got the photos of the three American veterans. They got them from the US military which is pressuring the South Korean government to build this base that will be used to port US warships that will be used in Obama’s military “pivot” into the Asia-Pacific region.”*

On the fourteenth of March Angie Zelter and Benji Monnet were deported from South Korea after being arrested for protesting against the works to build the navy base.

Mr Gagnon says the South Korean corporation Samsung is the lead contractor building the Navy base on Jeju and suggested a boycott of Samsung.

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