The meeting was friendly and relaxed, among people who know from experience what it means to struggle against a discriminatory system of beliefs and values.

Meir is concerned that no one should remain indifferent to this struggle, while recognizing that Israel is experiencing perhaps the most critical and dangerous period in its history. During a recent trip he met Argentina’s President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner to propose promoting a peace plan for the Middle East involving MERCOSUR and UNASUR.

During our conversation he told us he feels that the Israelis are gradually becoming more convinced of the need for two states and for creatively dividing the city of Jerusalem: two capitals within the city of Jerusalem divided functionally rather than geographically. He added that many of the problems are due to people’s lack of information, which is hidden by the power groups.

He believes that the Palestinian demographic growth threatens to be the way towards achieving political power in Israel and the shock that this causes in Jewish sectors is another great pressure to change things. Informing public opinion, building ties with Latin American Jewish and Palestinian communities and encouraging their governments to engage in the peace process that the president of Argentina seeks to promote, are tasks that could be supported by the Humanist Movement.