Homage to Silo

06.01.2012 - Punta de Vacas - Pressenza IPA

On January 6th the world commemorated the birth of Silo, spiritual guide, paladin of non-violence, philosopher of the Universal Human Nation.

He gave the world a path to comprehend human beings in their truly intentional dimension. He created the tools of a novel evolutionary psychology. He connected the eternal and the earthly, revealing the human consciousness living in and giving shape to multiple planes of existence, from the daily to the Profound. His friends met to celebrate his birth and renew their joy in continuing his work.

Here are words written by Jose Caballero and read at the ceremony in Parks of Study and Reflection, Punta de Vacas, Argentina, by Ana Luisa Cremaschi, Silo’s wife and life companion.

Dear Friends, present and co-present. Remembering Silo’s arrival into this world, I will read to you some inspiring words sent by José Caballero for this gathering, ….

“From time to time humanity produces superior men who look ahead, far ahead, infinitely far ahead, men who never leave us … so always we must return to them. And today … I want to return as I have done so often, relishing the encounter, as he wisely suggested: “If you go deeply into yourself … and I go deeply into myself, there we will meet.”

And today …

On the anniversary of your coming to this world, I want to embrace you because you have always been at my side and have been, therefore, my Friend. We have been together and therefore have been Companions. You have taught me as an unsurpassable Master. You have orientated me with kindness, wisdom and strength, giving me generously, your affection, the inestimable privilege of the affection of the best of Guides.

On this day when our memory gathers the done and the yet to be done, I feel your encouragement to keep doing and keep going forwards.

Companion… Friend… Teacher… Guide… For you the embrace of the soul, the deep embrace of Peace, Force and Joy.

See vídeo: [http://youtu.be/yUh1BFDP6A4](http://youtu.be/yUh1BFDP6A4)

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