Declaration regarding the situation in Syria

14.12.2011 - - Mundo sin Guerras y sin Violencia

There, European governments and the USA, instead of reinforcing peaceful and nonviolent initiatives, backed the path of war and armed confrontation. Today Gaddafi has been brought down but, as in the case of Iraq and others, Libya has been totally devastated and is now in a situation of social disaster with countless numbers of dead, injured and physically and psychologically traumatised people who will take decades to recover and where, contrary to what the media say, democracy will not grow but rather fundamentalisms will start to appear. We fear that in Syria we are witnessing a repetition of the same situation.

It is very evident that Syrians, facing dictatorship and government repression, in the great majority, have responded peacefully, but it is also certain that armed groups are on the increase and seem to be financed and backed by obscure interests with the support of the USA, Israel and other states who have had their sights set for many years on bringing down the Syrian regime. The signals from the Governments of Russia and China show that they are not willing for what happened in Libya to be repeated this time on Syrian soil. The destabilization of the zone could have unpredictable consequences.

In front of this tragic situation we express our concern and we demand:

– the end of government repression of innocent citizens who demonstrate peacefully and the opening of an electoral process where Syrians will be able to choose a government elected by the people.

– that Western governments headed by the USA, the UK and France stop supporting, financing and supplying weapons to the violent opposition and definitively back a way out of the conflict without armed confrontation.

We reiterate:

– Our support to all forms of non-violent and peaceful protest in Syria which struggle to improve living conditions, while rejecting the paths of violence and civil war.

– The need to reinforce the search for peaceful and non-violent channels such as have been developed in several countries as this is the only way we will truly advance in this world which is suffering such convulsions. Violence leads to more violence and this could have unimaginably serious repercussions in a global context given the delicate moment we are in.

We hope that repression and the spilling of blood ends in Syria as soon as possible so that a new era may start where the deepest aspirations of her people may manifest.


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