Cuban President Raul Castro announced at the 7th period of sessions of the seventh legislature of the National Assembly of People’s Power that Cuba is working on updating the current immigration policy, by reformulating and drawing up a group of regulatory measures in that sector based on the current and foreseeable future conditions.

“We make this step as a contribution to increase the links of the nation with the immigrant community, whose composition has radically changed in relation to the early years of the Revolution,” said Raul Castro.

He said that the nation is in the path of changing decisions that played a role at a certain moment and which lasted unnecessarily long.

The president recalled how at that time the US government gave protection to criminals of the Fulgencio Batista dictatorship, terrorists, traitors of all type, and encouraged the brain drain of professionals.

He noted that most of the current Cubans migrants are motivated by economic reasons, and most of them maintain their love for the family and homeland, and express solidarity with their fellow country people.

The president stressed that Cuba is the only country of the world whose citizens are allowed to stay and work in US territory without any type of visa by virtue of the criminal 1966 Cuban Adjustment Act.

Raul said this sensitive issue has been the object of political and media manipulation for years in a bid to discredit the Revolution and create conflict with Cubans living abroad.