Rousseff dedicated her Monday radio program “Coffee with the President” to talk about the recent decision of her government to start the third stage of the federal education plan, which will create by 2014 four universities, 47 university local centres and 208 technological institutes.

The president said that for choosing the sites where those centres will be built the government took first into consideration the municipalities with more than 50,000 inhabitants without schools of the federal network, and the rural areas of Brazil.

Secondly, it chose the places with a higher percentage of extreme poverty, and the municipalities with more than 80,000 inhabitants, but where the authorities have no resources to invest in education.

Rousseff also stressed they want to take the educational centres to the students, the goal is -she said- that every corner of the county has a faculty, a technical or technological faculty.

She also remembered that between 1909 and 2002 the Brazilian government created 140 technological institutes, but during the administration of Luis Inacio Lula da Silva alone the number was 214, and during the current administration it will be 208.