Green Institute Hong Kong brings out its Green Ambassadors

07.07.2011 - Hong Kong - Tony Henderson

*“The Green Ambassador programme that was launched by me in 2002 envisages people, or people one at a time, a person, accepting to be a Green Ambassador, and likely starting or being part of a group, with aims of greening the whole community,”* continued Albert Oung, founder and president of the Green Institute.

This organisation carries forward the work of the Green Ambassador programme and there was a lively first meeting on 6 July, 2011, where a variety of pretty-much spontaneous presentations were given. Among them, one by a team of City University interns-to-the-Institute who are carrying out a study on the state-of-play of recycling in Hong Kong.

The entire endeavour is a mission – act locally and think globally as is said, which is a useful saying as, a wide perspective means a broad awareness and that grants the vision to act locally in a wise manner.

Meetings will be held monthly

Categories: Asia, Ecology and Environment


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