The International Humanist Party, joined by the Indian Humanist Party, supports the stand taken by the Tunisian Humanists against the violent repression of the Police and Security forces to disperse the peaceful citizens and the press, among them children, youths and adult men and women. It seems that the Police and Security forces are still under the influence of the brutal and repressive measures adopted by the security forces during the dictatorial regime that has been thrown-out by the people already with the ouster of Ben Ali.

The chasing away of peaceful demonstrators and protesters in order to disperse them and even beat them violently was worse in the back and parallel streets out-of-sight and confirms that the security forces have not changed their behavior and their former brutal methods when handling demonstrations, with violence towards all the sections of the Tunisian society.

The International Humanist Party, supporting the Humanists in Tunisia, defends the our principles and values, and we condemn the brutal and repressive measures adopted by the security forces in Tunisia as in-human and demand that such repression be stopped immediately and permanently without any conditions whatsoever, releasing all the arrested people without any further delay and compensating the families of those who have been killed. The government should provide adequate medical assistance to those hurt in the repression.

We also demand that the interior minister of Tunisia take full responsibility for these events and tender an unconditional and formal apology – through the media – to the citizens who have not committed any act of violence and who were demonstrating in a peaceful manner. We confirm and stress again that we are a party that rejects all forms of direct and indirect violence and we call on all parties in Tunisia to respect the spirit of Dignity for all without any discrimination.

(Ravi Desai).