The Provisional Electoral Committee (PEC) report is not final until mid April and as of today candidates can begin actions to question counts.

Haitian authorities fear that there will be unrest in the country and have deployed national police and the United Nations forces.

Publication of the results of the first round last 7th of December led to generalized chaos for three days that cost the lives of two persons and material damages to the infrastructure of the country, the poorest in the region.

Followers of Marigat and members of her campaign team rejected the counts and assured that they will do everything in their power to have them annulled.

Before the official report, postponed since last Thursday, accusations were already afloat regarding irregularities and favoritism by PEC members.

Marigat accused the president of the electoral institution, Gaillot Dorsainvil, of influencing the process of tabulation of the votes in favor of Martelly and including electoral documents previously considered fraudulent.

The announcement was made yesterday, three months after the first round and was preceded by confirmation of a high number of irregularities.

Haitians returned to vote last March 20 to elect seven senators, 79 deputies and the new president of the nation after annulment of the November 2010 elections for irregularities and under pressure of international organizations.