Also, the protesters asked for the setting up of an independent monitoring panel to keep an eye on the safety and management of the nearby Daya Bay nuclear plant.

This was a first public act for the Green Party Hong Kong and in the political organisation’s statement to the crowd, spokesperson Wing Lai Eddie Chan, said: *“The Green Party Hong Kong has technical engineering expertise among members and we know there is no such thing as a one hundred percent safe machine or plant. In that light alone nuclear power generation is suspect. We could never commit ourselves to make the statements we hear from the nuclear industry on the safety of nuclear plants. We see the solution in clean alternatives for power generation. We also see that without a change in lifestyle to reduce waste there is no solution to the energy crisis.”*

The Humanist Association of Hong Kong on the same day gave a public call on the same platform to draw attention to the usually overlooked link between nuclear power generation and nuclear weapons production.
*“Without nuclear plants producing weapons grade plutonium and the likes there would be no nuclear bombs. Besides the issues of storage of dangerous waste and the dangers of nuclear plants being targeted by groups that seem to have nothing to lose and don’t respect the lives of others, our Association’s main protest is the link with devastating nuclear weapons,”* the spokesperson said.

Chairman of Green Party Hong Kong, Albert Oung, told Pressenza: *“We are a party of love. We believe in the power of giving and sharing. That’s why we want to participate in Green affairs, by contributing ourselves, as a solution provider. Our role is to re-educate our people with the real concept of being green, integrating Green means and solutions to handle the future challenges to build a New Green Economy under a One World concept. We believe in harmony and non-violence.”*

For Mr Oung, time is short and waiting will lead us into complete self-destruction.

*“We must act now. We need solidarity. We are calling for all people who have a heart of love, who have passion and who would like to commit themselves to change the world in a happy, responsible and meaningful way. We aim to help society and achieve our objectives through participation in the political arena – by electing our members into the Hong Kong district and legislative councils.”*

This is the first and only Green political party in Hong Kong.