U.N. Cancun Climate Change Conference Opens

29.11.2010 - Cancún - Democracy Now!

The report by the Tyndall Center for Climate Change also predicts up to three billion people could lose access to clean water supplies. On Saturday, activists with Greenpeace launched a hot air balloon over the ruins of the ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza. The balloon carried the message *”rescue the climate.”*

Joao Ttalocchi: *”Greenpeace is here today at Chichen Itza, Mexico to remind delegates meeting for the UN climate talks of a very important lesson–even the most advanced civilizations collapse. If we do nothing, climate change will have devastating consequences for humanity but it’s not too late. Simply by making the right choices governments can and must set us on a path to a safe future by making climate change history.”*

Mexico’s Ambassador on climate change Luis Alfonso de Alba spoke in Cancun on Saturday.

Luis Alfonso de Alba: *”First of all, Mexico wants to contribute with its own efforts to reduce emissions and to pay attention to the most vulnerable places in the country but also to be aware that ‘anything will do’ will not be good enough if other countries don’t pull their weight or do what they are supposed to do. The problem is global, there is only one atmosphere and what one or even a few countries do will not be enough, we need the intentional community to be committed.”*

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