A crude violence was imposed from one side and shame from another side. And while children cry about the barbarism in silence, other political leaders tell us not to care about the suffering of thousands to ensure the pockets of a few.

Today we feel the impotence of Saharawi activists for non-violence and share their cry for help: to save their people now, and help to create a different reality for tomorrow, so that the new generations do not get trapped in a hopeless spiral of violence. How do you explain to the young people who see their mothers getting abused, their fathers disappearing, who see the fear in the eyes of their siblings, who find themselves abandoned by the rest of the world … how to explain to them that responding to violence with violence only adds more pain to pain and more suffering to suffering? How do you teach resistance against such a monstrosity with non-violence? And that, there is no other valid path, there is no way more powerful, more courageous, or more effective than to resist violence with non-violence. On this difficult path, they should feel accompanied.

A year ago we did the World March for Peace and Nonviolence and friends of the Sahara also walked with us to raise awareness about a different world that is possible. At that time, we said that this was the March of the unseen, of the unheard … And we are still not heard. It might appear that we fail again and again. But the fact is that we are trying again and again. Silo once said that we are a David against an insolent Goliath, the softness of water against the hardness of the rock, the strength of the weak … and even if we do not achieve immediately the results we expect, this seed already exists and awaits it time to come. A year ago we showed that thousands of people from different latitudes, different beliefs, different generations, could unite on the essentials and that was not a failure because that act of unity remains as a reference in the hearts of many. We are powerless, we are humble but we can always do something and you can always do something to change things. And if yesterday you marched for peace, today based on that same register you can say that you are also Sahrawi.

And then, what can you do for your brothers and sisters? Tell them you’re with them, that they are not alone. Show your face and make your voice heard … Tell it also the powerful ones. And probably still they do not hear us, but they cannot ignore us forever.

This is worth a try, it is worthy not to give up … for us, for all the good people who came before us and especially for the new generations that will transform the world.

And perhaps, as has been said in an old book from a great master, the day finally comes when the weapons will be turned into farm tools.

– From this link you can send a message to the representatives MPs, demanding to speak out against the violation of human rights in the Sahara: http://www.sahararights.net/

I wish you all peace, force and joy

Lilián Cabrera, Humanist Center of Cultures