Silo gone Beyond

17.09.2010 - Mendoza - Tony Henderson

I sent a short note to Philippines friends, those intimately connected to the Banahaw Park. Then I got a Skype call from *“the Americans”* resident around the USA, which group I had linked with to study one of our Disciplines. They were gathering around Skype to engage with the Park Manantiales in Chile where, I was to learn, from pal Marcus Pampillón, over 150 of our friends were gathered with more coming. They were to do the ceremony of Well Being. The mood was without grief, a good emotional and mental tone.

While waiting, amid a lot of silence, we decided to do ceremonies among us and did so, with officiants and assistants, on line.

First, *“Death”*, next *“Assistance”* and thirdly *“Well Being”*.

In this way we were connected with Silo’s family – wife Anna, sons Alexandro and Federico; his Mendoza friends; the people in the first Park of Study and Reflection, Punta de Vacas, Argentina; our friends in Parks all over the world; and those at home and in groups of friends who have been intimate with Silo’s Message.

In these next days other gatherings will take place of the fellows active in the New Humanist or Universalist Humanist Movement which Silo founded and the various organisms of that movement.

After the ceremonies over Skype various friends came on-line to brief all of us on the latest news and how Silo had looked in what were to be his last days and hours. Pato who was in Mendoza told us that when he had seen Silo a few days previous he looked strong and upstanding. He also reported that Silo had a joyful dinner with friends the evening before his last voyage and at the time of his passing a nice group of friends accompanied him. Immediately before his last breath he was checking an email, Maxi and Alicia and Enrique from Mendoza and his son Alexandro were with him in the room. He went very quickly, there was almost no pain and Silo remained lucid till the last.

The body of Silo is now lying in the Salita, the small meeting hall in Mendoza, where it will remain for a few days until its carriage to Cordoba for cremation as there are no such facilities in Mendoza. Friends more local are welcome to pay respects there. Following the cremation the ashes will be taken to Park Punta de Vacas and our people will gather there. Following the ceremonials – and meetings as we always have meetings at opportune moments – some ashes will be held to be distributed around the various Parks that are now in-place across the world at different sites.

Silo: *“Build the reality you love.”*

Assuredly he will: *“Rest in Peace, Force and Joy”* – his actions immortalizing his lively soul.

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